Wife Breastfeeding Husband Pics Will A Husband Become Unlawful To His Wife If She Breastfed Him?

Will a husband become unlawful to his wife if she breastfed him? - wife breastfeeding husband pics

I have a question about breastfeeding of adults, and found some Muslims to defend the hadith only because it in Sahih Muslim.
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1-The Hadith contradicts the Quran, which states that breastfeeding is only 2 years of childhood:

"The mothers nurse their children two full years (is) for those who supplement breastfeeding. 2:233

2 - It is contrary to the other 2 in Hadith Muta Malik:

(1) Yahya related to me from Malik that Yahya ibn Said said that he had Said ibn al-Musayyab heard, said: "Breastfeeding is only when the child is at the base. If not, not flesh and blood relationship. Yahyame from Ibn Malik that Shihab said, "Suck by little or much, is haram. breastfeeding relationship makes men mahram. Yahya Malik said he had heard say," Suckling pig, long or short, if the first two years makes haram . As to what is after the first two years, more or less, haram. It's like eating. "(Book # 30, Hadith # 30.1.11)
(2) Yahya told me that Oqba Malik ibn Ibrahim ibn Said al-Musayyab asked about breastfeeding. Said said: "Everything that happens in the first two years, even a drop is haraam. What is, after two years only what we eat." Oqba Ibn Ibrahim, said:''Orwa then asked Ibn az - Zubair and said the same thing that Said ibn al-Musayyab sHelp. "(Book # 30, Hadith # 30.1.10)

It is so strange that some Muslims the hadith only because they favor in Saheeh Muslim. Sahaih more Saheeh Muslim that the Quran?

Returning to the main Q: Is it illegal for a man to become his wife when she breastfed?


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