Different Type Of Vigina What Type Of Graph Is Best Used For Different Results?

What type of graph is best used for different results? - different type of vigina

Is there a rule about this kind of chart is best used to show different types of data? I make a report for work by comparing events in different places and at different days of the week. So far, I have a cake and a bar chart, but I'm not sure whether certain data is more appropriate to the specific results. Who knows? Thanks


Simon Magnus said...

You need to weigh the pros and cons of the different types of graphs.

For example, a scatter plot is useful if you want to show the relationships.

A pie is good to use if you want to highlight that the majority, for example. But, Gross notes in a pie chart that can be very misleading.

Lawful Good Red Dragon said...

Use a table, as in a table, as more tools for working with

in a line chart, you have the resources, the X and Y axis and the line is than me, but you can put as many lines (with different colors) on a line chart as needed.

For example, a line chart, it is possible that the number of cases in the Y-axis, day of week in the X and locations, such as separate lines

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